After escaping their cruel master, a family of genies, or jinn as they prefer to be called, hides among humans.

Twins Jute and Fina Jinn, 11 by human years and 111 by jinn, are not allowed to fly, be invisible, change shape, or use the spells and powers that come naturally to them — unless their parents, Elwin and Mira, are with them.

Actually the best magic the Jinn family does is to help humans transform themselves — whether it is a shy boy, a bully, or an uncaring girl. (They help adults, too.) Then, there are those family’s human allies, who come to the rescue, and of course, Elwin’s twin brother, Jeffer, a lovable and helpful uncle.

But the mischievous and competitive twins sometimes get carried away. That’s where the story gets interesting and a bit dangerous because their ex-master is desperate to get the family back.

The series takes Jute and Fina to different settings: Happy Jack’s Carnival of Mysteries, where they perform magic with their parents; a small town’s school, where they create an alchemy machine for their science fair project; and a ranch in New Mexico, where they help a cowboy friend open a horse sanctuary.

A fourth in the series — when the Jinn family moves to a town of retired circus performers — is in progress.

By the way, my son Ezra Livingston drew the art on this website and in the video. My son Nate Livingston created the video’s music.